Unique Features

IVCargo is an operational software which help transporters/Operators to streamline the operational work flow which includes modules as Booking, Dispatch, Receive, Delivery and many more…


QR Code

QR Code based Booking & LS Modules


Mobile App

Booking to Delivery Module through Mobile App


Easy Integration

E waybill validation, part b generation, validity extension, Tally data transfer, LR booking from excel, Pump receipt creation and reports, Trip hisab


Customer Access Module

Dedicated and industry specific online ERP for Transport Operations


Special Reports

GST related reports


Improved Productivity

Photo service (Booking, Delivery, POD, Vehicle document), Machine locking, Mail service

About the Product

IVCargo is an innovative cloud-based cargo business management solution that simplifies bookings, operations, tracking, and monitoring of goods that are to be delivered in real-time. IVCargo enhances the way logistics businesses functions, by improving operations and business management with help of technology. cargo operators to manage, process, and track a large number of goods across a range of routes. The platform helps operators in taking decisions by providing accurate data and generating reports on revenue while providing real-life communication updates.

Explore our top Cargo operations and management service Get the advantage of the most efficient cargo management service and streamline your operations. With the help of our centralized online system, Track your cargo, get updates and systematic reports in a real-time environment. Our technology supports all your road-bound cargo and logistics operations.